"It's a story about the "almost," one that everyone can relate to."     ...Debbie Nigro, NY Talk Show Radio Host and three time past winner of “The Best Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show of The Year” from the American Women In Radio & Television


Quotes from Workshop Productions and 2018 Lab

"The play and production are first rate - WOW - electrifying!"… Laurie


"I've been singing Philly songs all week! What a fun show, great music, and a talented cast playing lovable characters. Thanks for the laughs, surprises, goosebumps, tears and stand-up-and-clap moments! Keep the dream alive!"…Jenny


"Fabulous! Grabbed my attention right from the start and kept it right until the last minute. Bravo!!!"…Tracey


This is a great musical and I feel fortunate to have seen it first here in the Twin Cities. It has a terrific rock score and the actors and dancers perform their hearts out. The set and production values are spot on. This is a show that could go places. (Are you listening New York?) …Dennis


"I brought my husband to see this with me. He's never said 'I really liked it!' about any theater performance I've dragged him to (and I've brought him to a lot!) Until 'Philly!' He loved it as much as I did! Perfectly cast! Amazing story, hilarious and heartwarming. I laughed really hard and I cried really hard. Great music and dancing! What a great night of fun! This is the next big thing for Broadway!!!! Congrats to all of you!"…Wendy


Could not LOVE this play more!  We have seen it twice and even though we know what will happen, it still captivates us, holds our attention, and pulls us into the story line! Such great actors and actresses, the play would not be the same without any of them! Would see it again and again. What a great lab! ...Nicole


Philly The Musical impressed me beyond belief. I went in not knowing what to expect, and I left wanting to see it again. This musical has all the makings of a great commercial show including songs that leave an audience humming upon exit, a tantalizing plot, and unexpected casting. The ensemble had wonderful variety and no two characters blended together. As a director, actress, and costumer, this wonderful musical would land on my short list of musicals to participate in for a future performance. ...Susan, Theatre Teacher, Theatre Scholar


"I loved this play! I was completely overwhelmed by the quality of this production, the talent of the cast, and the wonderful music that is still reverberating in my head. Soundtrack? Yes please. DVD? Yes please. Another run? Please, please, please! "… Jeff


"What a great show. My wife and I thought it was better than some we have seen on Broadway."… David

"Philly the Musical... I can't stop raving about how great it is!!! Those who did not have the chance to see the debut run of this show really missed out!!! I saw the show not just once, but TWICE!! I enjoyed it so much!!! The great Rock n' Roll music, catchy song lyrics and the love story are married in such a perfect way."…Elizabeth


"Loved the show! Great story and great music. More please!!"… Susan


"We really enjoyed the show! Such fun and energy! Hope you can bring the show back for another round, as I would love to be able to send my friends! Music and the story were fantastic!... Keep thinking about the songs - would love to have them on my play list! Nice job to all involved."…Lynne


Absolutely EXCELLENT This show should go to Broadway. Wonderful music and lyrics."…Anita


"I found out about this show on Facebook from a friend and was more than impressed with the talent on stage! At one point in the show I realized I had a "perma" smile on my face. What a fun night! So thankful I went. (And theater audience member confession: I may have had goosebumps a few times. …Colleen

Wonderful show!!! Amazing music and a very, very talented cast!!! I did not want it to end!!!...Tim