Scenic Locations

1979 YONKERS, NY. Low income, culturally mixed neighborhood surrounded by housing projects that were built in the 1930's.

THE YEAR IS 1979, THE LOCATION IS YONKERS, NY.  It's a low income, culturally mixed neighborhood centered by a 1930's brick housing project that sprawls several blocks up the side of a large hill and surrounded by rows of small, two story wooden apartment houses.


THE BUTCHER SHOP.  Old fashion neighborhood store with meats, deli and assorted groceries.  Equipped with a large meat case and counter, a checkout stand with cash register, a dairy case and a coke cooler A store where everyone local shops and everyone knows everyone.


LOCAL BAR AND GRILL.  Local inexpensive bar and grill with a small space for live music.


THE FAT RAT’S CELLAR.  A Community Center and gathering place for all sort of unique characters and left over 1960's Hippies."  It's a big, funky space dominated by lots of miscellaneous donated furniture and items, totally eclectic, like all who hang out there.


PETER AND MAX’S SALON.  Traditional late 70's salon.  Bright and clean feminine decor, with salon chairs, blow dryers and stylist stations.

BEAT STREET MUSIC STUDIO.  Low budget recording studio space with a recording booth with a large pane of glass where Eddie the Engineer sits behind and works.  Musical instruments (drums, amps, mics, etc.) and a space for musicians to play.


THE RACETRACK.  Smoky, seedy, old school racetrack. Betting window with a cashier cage and a large sign above posting horse names and odds, small tables where patrons are served and can watch the race.


REHEARSAL STUDIO.  Vacant storage space located in the same building right behind a deli.


NIGHTCLUB.  A typical inner city warehouse nightclub that has entertainment. Earthy, not fancy. Large wood bar, wood tables and chairs, loft area, dance floor and stage with sound and lights.


THE STREET.  Low income neighborhood street, lined by stores with apartments above and sidewalks filled with miscellaneous vendors and pedestrians.


ITALIAN RESTAURANT.  Small NY Italian bistro.  Proper waiters and customers.


CONCERT STAGE.  Big lights and sound. The band in all its glory.