The Story


Why Philly?

A grandfather who inspired a dreamer, a mobster who turned out to be the good guy, an incredible band and singer, all that really existed. It was truly a magical journey of innocence and optimism.  I always felt that the music, combined with its unique surrounding story, would provide a highly entertaining reminder that although fame and fortune is alluring, regardless of the outcome, following your dreams and passion will lead you to real love.

 As a work, Philly and the Dreamer, was written with a number of specific goals in mind:

  • To be a family-friendly show appealing to multi-generational audiences of both men and women.

  • To energize, inspire and entertain with a positive underlying message, and for a brief time, provide an escape from the traumas and angst of the real world.

  • To incorporate presentational styles from three of the most popular forms of visual entertainment: musical theater, live concert performance and cinema. 

  • To provide an "entertainment buffet" that would blend a wide variety of moments (comedy, romance, drama) and music and dance styles so that everyone would find something they deeply enjoyed.

  • To incorporate contagious music that in itself could be enjoyed beyond the visual performance.

“It's about the dream, it's about the music,

it's about real love.”