Principal Characters...


JOHNNY CALACUCCI.  Mid-20’s.  Bright, confident, creative and energized.  A passionate dreamer and romantic.  Went to college because he promised his mom, but now he's back working at the family store.  Johnny's got a new formula to make it as a songwriter, "Record great tapes, find a connection and then it's the big time…"  Lead Vocals / Bass Guitar.


PHYLLIS “PHILLY” SCARPETTI.  Mid-20’s.  Gregarious, enthusiastic, slightly edgy personality, A hairstylist with a big engaging voice and a star-like presence.   Phyllis is pure talent, but she’s just coming out of a failed marriage and needs a little prodding to believe..   Lead Vocals.


RONNIE THOMPSON.  Mid 20’s.  Girl-challenged accountant by day and rockin' keyboardist by night.  Schooled in classical music but loves rock ‘n’ roll, which is why he hangs out with his best friend Johnny.  Totally smitten by Phyllis' best friend Debbie, but a band rule seems to be in the way.  Keyboards / Lead and Background Vocals.


DEBBIE FEIN.  22, the youngest of the band, nice-looking Jewish girl, with long red "beauty salon" hair.  Likes to dress up in animal print clothes (faux leopard, tiger skin, etc) and when she does, she becomes very sexy.  Enthusiastic in a girlish way.  She loves to sing and can belt out the high notes, but she just really just wants to find Prince charming with a good job. Lead and Background Vocals.

ERWIN GETZ.  Late 40’s.  Big ex-prize fighter and scary mobster.  Owns a concrete factory, and collects for the mafia.  Johnny’s mom went to high school with him. Erwin's got money and lots of connections.  Band Manager and Lead Vocals, but don’t tell anybody or he might have to kill you.


MR. CALACUCCI.  Mid 40’s.  Johnny’s dad.  An old-school Italian butcher with a big smile.  Very animated, talks with his hands and loves his family.  Disappointed he put Johnny through college only to see him back working at the store.  He wanted more for his son.  Always on Johnny's case thinking Johnny's just a dreamer, but eventually, he sees it too.  Ensemble Vocals.


NANA.  65.  Johnny’s grandmother.  Small, strong willed, tough as nails.  Likes her hair highly manicured and dresses like a lady.  Obsessed with keeping the store neat and clean.  Revered and respected by her family and the neighborhood around her.  Ensemble Vocals


Supporting Characters...


ENSEMBLE CAST.  All actors contribute additional multiple characters/roles, ensemble vocals and choreography. 

LITA SANTOS.  Mid 20’s. Woman of color. Lives in the projects with her parents who immigrated to America.  She's tough and hard working. Works hard as a waitress while going to night school.  She is proud of her family’s struggles and accomplishments and wants to make something of herself to help change their lives. Lead and Background Vocals.


SCOT “CHAINSAW” MCCRAY.  Mid 20’s, big, brawny, bearded.  Looks like Paul Bunyan. Works as an electrician to support his wife and kids whom he loves more than anything.  A loud, physically rugged, but sensitive guy who plays guitar like he's wielding a chainsaw.  Guitar and Background Vocals


JO JO REED.  Mid 20's.  Man of color.  Tony's cousin.  Energized and upbeat.  Always wears sleeveless T-shirts to show off his tattoos.   Jo Jo is like the Pied Piper of the drums.  Drums, Ensemble Vocals.

VINNIE MORENO.  20’s. Quiet but physically animated neighborhood guy who drives a cab at night.  Vinnie lives to play his guitar "Famous" and is exceptional at it.  Guitar and Background Vocals

MANNY.  Late 20’s, Latino.  Built like a tank, he dances like he's weightless.  Works at the butcher shop.   Believes Johnny will succeed and will do anything to help him.  Dancer, Air Guitar, Cowbell, Ensemble Vocals.


MRS. CALACUCCI.  Mid 40’s.  Johnny’s Mom.  Not Italian.  A physical contrast to Mr. Calacucci.  Loves her Johnny.  Ensemble Vocals.

NICK CAMPANI.  Late 40's.  Smaller in stature, but a tough, mean, mobster.  Wants to steal Johnny from Erwin  A weasel.  Nick is dangerous.

PATRICK.  Late 20’s. Phyllis’ ex-husband. A one-time high school football star who thinks he's a ladies' man and likes to party. Ensemble Vocals


PETER and MAX.  Late 30's. A couple.  Happy-go-lucky owners of the hair salon Phyllis works at.  They love Phyllis like she's family and support her in every way. Ensemble Vocals


MRS. MORENO.  50’s. Vinnie’s Mom.  A big, very loud, religious Italian widower. Strenuously opposed to Vinnie wasting his time in Johnny’s band.  Fortunately for the band, Vinnie has other thoughts.


PAUL Z.  40’s. Mafioso friend of Erwin.  Dresses flashy Italian.  Big gregarious personality.  Made it in music and other ventures, not necessarily above board.  Now owns horses.


BLONDES. Early 30's. Beautiful showgirls who are almost always with Erwin.  Ensemble Vocals


PLANE JANES.   A vocal group comprised of two men and two women whose  gimmick is to dress in 1960's  flight attendant outfits and sing airline and flight related songs.